Leadership Team

A Message from the Executive Director

The Wisconsin EMS Association is dedicated to its members, their service, and supporting the communities they serve, our Wisconsin neighbors, families, and friends. We are here to be the resource, the connector, and the support for all size departments and all types of organizations.

Membership goes beyond a publication or a single event, it’s the connections of advocacy, the savings of national contracts, the resources to support each department’s individual needs. WEMSA is here for you through your journey as an EMS professional.

I invite you to stay connected with our staff, our board of directors, to help continue to grow and pivot to meet your specific needs.


Alan R. DeYoung

The WEMSA team draws strength from its varied set of backgrounds and skills. But we hold one very important quality in common: Dedication.

Dedication in forging connections between EMS professionals, their communities, and experts from across the county.

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


  • Alan DeYoung
    Alan DeYoung
    Executive Director
    CEO/ Executive Director
  • Anette Wisniewski
    Anette Wisniewski
    Membership Coordinator Wisconsin EMS Association
    Membership Coordinator
  • Breana Rinker
    Breana Rinker
    Health Education Coordinator (414)207-8467
    Health Education Coordinator
  • Ryan DeYoung
    Ryan DeYoung
    IT & Finance Coordinator Wisconsin EMS Association
    Finance & IT Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Tony Lash
    Tony Lash
    Mayo Clinic Ambulance
  • Stacey Zellmer
    Stacey Zellmer
    Tomah Area Medical Responders
    Vice President
  • James Young
    James Young
    Bloomer Community Ambulance Service
  • Adam Robarge
    Adam Robarge
    Tomah Area Ambulance Service
  • Ryan Huser
    Ryan Huser
    Paramedic Instr
    Board Member
  • Jody Stoker
    Jody Stoker
    Black River Falls Emergency Medical Service
    Board Member
  • Chanse Kaczmarski
    Chanse Kaczmarski
    Fitch-Rona EMS District
    Board Member
  • Shaunna Bryant
    Shaunna Bryant
    Waushara County Emergency Medical Services (920)765-1073
    Board Member
  • Rebecca "Becky" Smudde
    Rebecca "Becky" Smudde
    Harrison First Responders
    Board Member
  • Evelynn Dax
    Evelynn Dax
    Mayo Clinic Ambulance
    Board Member
  • Wyatt Sachen
    Wyatt Sachen
    AEMT Black River Falls Emergency Medical Service (712)344-2164
    Board Member
  • Robert Salov
    Robert Salov
    Director Retired
    Board Member

Advisors & Liaisons

  • McIntosh, Forbes
    McIntosh, Forbes
    Legislative Lobbyist
    Legislative Lobbyist
  • Dr. Mark Schultz
    Dr. Mark Schultz
    Medical Director
    Medical Advisor
  • Joseph Abruzzo
    Joseph Abruzzo
    Attorney at Law
    Legal Advisor
  • Kristen Scully
    Kristen Scully
    EMS Billing Liaison EMS | MC
    EMS Billing Liaison