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  • Changes Shared for Association

    At times, it is imperative for any organization to make adjustments and course corrections in order to keep the association moving forward to meet our strategic goals. Josh Kowalke, president of the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin EMS Association, has shared some changes to WEMSA leadership and what they mean to the organization’s future.

    The primary role of a board of directors is to set the strategic direction of the organization, empower and hold accountable the executive director, ensure the integrity of the organization, and make sure members continue to receive quality services. In recent years, the organization has faced some major struggles, but with the support of our members we have gained momentum and overcome many of them. In order for the organization to continue to achieve its overall vision to establish WEMSA as a leader for EMS in Wisconsin, the right organizational structure must be in place to infuse vitality and energy to strengthen the vision and strategic direction of the association.

    As with any organization, changes must occur to continue to promote growth, otherwise organizations remain stagnant. The Wisconsin EMS Association Board of Directors decided at its April 9, 2016 meeting not to renew the contract for Executive Director Melinda Allen. The Board believes this leadership change will help the Wisconsin EMS Association further develop our executive talent and help us continue to evolve our ability to serve you, our membership. Read More »

  • EMS Week Magazine Arrives

    The EMS Professionals magazine issue for EMS Week has arrived! It’s always the largest of the year and is available to everyone, whether you’re a WEMSA member or not. Besides dozens of features, columns and articles, you’ll also find messages from Wisconsin and the nation’s leading EMS partners. Check out the full issue right now using our on-line reader. Copies are already in the mail to all WEMSA members and every ambulance service, first responder organization and fire department in the state. While, this copy is free for everyone to see, you’ll soon be missing out if you’re not a member. This doesn’t have to happen because you you can change that right now and never miss another issue.

  • Spot PVCs as Easy as… Well, Take a Look!

    Learn a new way to think about PVCs. At least that’s how Fidel Garcia sees it in our latest quick look video from the 30th Working Together conference. Learn how to spot PVCs along with learning some of their most common causes in a little more than 60 seconds. Perhaps best of all, the first line of treatment is something every EMT and First Responder can provide! A minute is all it takes for a quick look at some of the sessions from the Working Together conference.