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    CEUs for Attendance at the Working Together Conference on the Way

    New this year, everyone who attended classes at the Working Together conference had their name badge scanned for attendance verification. In previous years, a verification stamp was required on the ticket used to enter the class. The addition of a bar code on the name badge this year allowed for participants to be quickly scanned as they exited the session.

    Attendees will be receiving an email during the week of February 8-12, 2016 that contains a link for them to retrieve their CEUs. This email message will be sent to the email address used when registering for the conference. Be sure that your current, valid, email is on file. Members can update their Wisconsin EMS Association account at anytime right here. The CEU records will remain available following the email notification.

    Participants who have not yet completed their conference evaluations can still do that by using the conference app. Completing evaluations for each of the sessions you attended and for the general conference are encouraged. Your thoughts and comments help the speakers, staff and committee to plan future talks and events. If you’ve not installed the app, you can also complete the general conference evaluation when obtaining your CEU information.

    Watch for your CEU email notification during the week of February 8.

  • 30th Working Together Conference & Exposition Comes to a Close

    After many months of planning and anticipation, the 30th Working Together Emergency Services Midwest Conference & Exposition at the Wisconsin Center in Downtown, Milwaukee is now over. Thousands of participants took part in one or more of the 6 total days of the event. The most vendors in conference history lined the expo hall with nearly 150 companies. Everyone has since returned home, armed with the very latest in emergency services information.

    The first sets of photos from the conference have been available on the Working Together conference app, along with our Facebook page since the start of the conference. Watch for more information, including pictures and video clips coming soon.

    Participants are encouraged to complete their conference evaluations, both for each session they attended as well as the general conference eval. Electronic evaluations, through the conference app, are still available. If you are not able to use the app, you’ll be able to complete the general evaluation when obtaining your CEUs. Continuing educational credit records will be emailed to all participants shortly.

    A sincere thank you to everyone who participated in the 30th conference. Check back for detailed coverage. It’s on the way soon!


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    Television Stations Converge on Working Together Conference at Wisconsin Center

    Multiple televisions stations, including nearly every major station in Milwaukee, converged on the Wisconsin Center on Wednesday to cover the Rescue Task Force, active shooter exercise that took place as part of the Working Together conference. Following a national breaking story of the arrest of a would-be terrorist attack in Milwaukee, the television stations covered the active shooter training as a piece of the story.

    Over 125 EMS providers from throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois participated in the exercise that included dozens of moulaged actors. The exercise, designed to train non-law enforcement emergency responders on how to react should they be called to an active shooter situation. Tuesday’s FBI arrest of a Milwaukee man planning to carry out an attack on a Milwaukee Masonic temple is the latest to drive home the need for this type of training in today’s EMS environment.

    Television coverage included Milwaukee stations 4, 6, 12 and 58 during newscasts on Wednesday at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 and into Thursday. We’ll provide an update of television stations carrying the story and provide video clips as they become available.

  • Last Minute Instructions for Anyone Attending the Working Together Conference

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the 30th Working Together conference! In order to get the most from the conference, we’ve provided some last minute items.

    1. We strongly encourage you to download and install the conference app prior to the conference if you have not already done so. Installation instructions are included below. Then, login and “check in” using the app. This will allow you to setup your personal schedule and “check in” to sessions. You’ll be able to setup a personal to-do list, fill-out session evaluations and much more. You’ll also be able to connect with other participants at the conference as “checking in” allows other app users to see you. You’ll find your way around using interactive maps, get information about the sessions and speakers and much more. Trust us, if you have a smartphone or mobile device, you’ll want to install the app and bring it along to use during the conference. Read More »