Over 23,000 Licensed EMS Providers in Wisconsin
Over 800 Licensed EMS Services in Wisconsin
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Phase 1A - Emergency Medical Services
How to get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
If your local Public Health Dept. is unable to assist.
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WEMSA is here to provide your service with resources, your business with connections, and yourself with training opportunities. We help services with providing consulting services and group buying discounts to help them stay compliant, grow, and save money. Businesses can benefit from our marketing and outreach efforts connecting them with the community and potential buyers. Individuals can utilize our benefits and get some of the best training in the nation.

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Join over 7,000 other First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters today and receive a discount on your conference registration for each day you attend. On top of that, we provide member benefits, FREE CEUs through our EMS Professionals™ magazine, and some of the best Group Purchasing Discounts in the nation. That’s only some of our great benefits, check our more by clicking Join Now.


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