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Free Training.

Department Discounts.



Effective January 1st, 2023, our membership pricing will be increasing. WEMSA has not increased membership pricing in over 5 years, yet costs continue to rise.

In order to continue serving our members in the best way possible, we made the difficult decision to increase our membership pricing on all levels. All current and active members will have or have received a mailed packet explaining the price increase.

All new membership and member renewals will renew at the increased rate(s) below. We hope our members continue to see the benefits that WEMSA has brought over the years, especially in the recent years.

Membership Type
Old Price
New Price
Individual Membership
Service Membership - Tier 1 (1 to 10 members)
Service Membership - Tier 2 (11 to 20 members)
Service Membership - Tier 3 (21 to 30 members)
Service Membership - Tier 4 (31 to 40 members)
Service Membership - Tier 5 (41 to 50 members)
Service Membership - Tier 6 (51 to 75 members)
Service Membership - Tier 7 (76+ members)
Business Membership


Membership Benefits vary by Membership Type below. Please contact WEMSA to get more details on each of the membership benefits. For past CE Certificates, you must maintain an Active WEMSA membership for WEMSA to hold onto any previous CE certificates for events, webinars, or continuing education.


$30 / year

Any individual professional in Emergency Medical Services



*Student membership is FREE for 1 year only and then will renew at an Individual Membership Level following the expiration date.  You must be enrolled in a Wisconsin based education program and in the Healthcare field.  Students receive the same benefits as Individual Members do.


Pricing is based on department size and number of individuals on roster.

$300 / year

$450 / year

$725 / year

$1,100 / year

$1,540 / year

1 - 10 members

11 - 20 members

21 - 30 members

31 - 50 members

51+ members

Organizations associated with or related to Emergency Medical Services can sign up for a Business Memberships. Details below.


Members get free CAPCE accredited continuing education through webinars, recordings, etc.


National Bid Contracts with discounts that will save you and your department thousands on medical supplies, equipment, and more.

WEMSA Learning Logo.png
WEMSA911_Logo - WEMSA Workforce Development_GK_16_2022-03 (1).png

WEMSA Workforce Development is our program to build awareness of EMS as a profession to students and adult learners. This involves outreach programs, local events, and partnerships with community organizations and workforce development regions.

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Our bi-Weekly eNewsletter highlighting local and national EMS news, advocacy updates, events, and more combined into one single email every two weeks.


Our Political Action Committee advocates for EMS issues in Wisconsin and fights for changes to better Emergency Medical Services.

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Exclusive discounts for members for annual conferences and regional events.

EMS Professionals NEWs Site (544 x 544 px) (1).png

Only members get our exclusive EMS Professionals® magazine directly to their door, available in print and digital formats with curated content from industry leaders.

WEMSA911_Logo - WEMSA Career Center™_GK_Feb_2022-03.png

Members get discounted pricing to our Career Center with thousands of resumes at their reach.


Free Equipment & Supplies

Through the WEMSA Foundation and through partnerships with manufacturers, WEMSA receives supplies and equipment that is provided only to Active Members.

Essential Resources and Tools

Get Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) templates and toolkits to help your service learn and grow.


  • In-Person & Remote Seminars

    • Google Workspace

    • Microsoft Office

    • Facebook and Social Media 101

    • Content Marketing & Creation

    • Website Creation

    • Marketing 101

    • Entrepreneurship​

  • Social Media Management

  • Vendor Research & Vetting

  • ​Data Management/ Cloud Hosting (coming soon)

    *Please note: Additional services are provided to members only and at an additional cost beyond the annual membership fee. These costs have been far lower than most industry standard rates for similar services. Contact WEMSA directly to find out more about these additional services.


$425 / year

Our Business Membership is for corporations, health networks, and businesses (both local, regional, or national) that want to show their support for the EMS community. Our Business Members are provided with benefits to help them connect with the EMS community.

  • Support EMS in Wisconsin by maintaining an Active Membership

  • Logo and Link on Main WEMSA Website (over 25,000+ visitors per year)

  • 2x Print Copies of EMS Professionals Magazine to your main office (digital copies for everyone else)

  • Provide Training Videos in WEMSA Learning Platform

  • Discounts on Annual Conference Booths (Virtual or In-Person) and Registrations

  • Discounts on Job Postings on the WEMSA Career Center (recruit EMS and Fire professionals for your open positions)

  • Exclusive Business Member Profile in WEMSA Learning Platform (coming soon)

  • Directory Profile Listing on our Member Only Online Community

  • Access to our Member Only Online Community

  • Products & Services Community Group Access


You can easily pay by credit card or ACH via WEMSA's Secured Membership Portal:

Credit card or ACH is the preferred method for keeping your membership current.

WEMSA has PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance for our payment processing portal.


Fire / EMS Departments will receive a list of their members and an invoice up to 60 days prior to their expiration date. This is to ensure time for payment processing (if needed) so there is no lapse in membership.


Individual, Student, and Corporate/ Business Members will receive an invoice up to 60 days prior to their expiration date. This is to ensure time for payment processing (if needed) so there is no lapse in membership.


You may renew your membership anytime up to 60 days prior to expiration. If you allow your membership to lapse more than 60 days after expiration you must start a new membership with us. If you have received notification that your membership is due for renewal, you may renew online using any major credit card.