The Wisconsin EMS Association Announces Board of Directors for 2024 Fiscal Year

Posted By: Alan DeYoung WEMSA Updates,

Wind Lake, WI — The Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA) is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for the 2024 Fiscal Year. We welcome one new board member and congratulate three current WEMSA board members for being re-elected for another three year term each. We would like to thank current board member, Bob Salov, for his service on our Board of Directors fulfilling vacancies as his term comes to an end June 2024. Bob has served on, and chaired for the past three years, our Political Action Committee (PAC) working towards organizing advocacy efforts across the state. 

We would especially like to thank all of the candidates who applied for our Board of Directors who weren't elected this year. We had the largest number of candidates that we’ve had in years showing the member support for the association and its mission. Past candidates, and current members interested in our Board of Directors, are encouraged to apply again as every year our Board of Directors has four spots up for election.

“We had a lot of applicants for the Board this year and we greatly appreciated seeing people from across the state show their interest in being a part of WEMSA. All of the candidates brought a vast amount of experience and individual perspective. We encourage all members to take part in being involved with WEMSA, through being on the board and through participating in committees.” stated Alan DeYoung, Executive Director of WEMSA.

If you are interested in joining a committee, you can get more information about the different committees at We encourage members to be involved in our committees, attend committee meetings, and provide insights and perspectives into key areas of focus. If you are interested in joining a committee, please reach out to


Welcome Delaney Weiler!

Delaney Weiler is a paramedic for Lifestar Ambulance Service and a volunteer first responder and EMS training officer for the Vesper Volunteer Fire Department. She also helps teach EMS classes at Mid-State Technical College. Over the years, she has met many people in the EMS field who have inspired her to be a better paramedic. In striving to be a better paramedic, she also wants to help this field evolve. By joining the WEMSA Board of Directors, she hopes to help EMS grow. Her interest and involvement in EMS began at a young age when she witnessed the heroic efforts of paramedics saving lives in her community. Their dedication and compassion inspired her to pursue a career in emergency medicine. Over the years, she has gained extensive experience as an EMT, Paramedic, and EMS Educator. This has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the challenges faced by EMS providers and the importance of strong leadership within the industry. As a member of the board, she believes she will bring a unique perspective based on her frontline experience in the field that enable her to advocate effectively for EMS providers and contribute valuable insights during decision-making processes. Welcome Delaney!


Shaunna Bryant re-elected to another board term!

Shaunna Bryant is  going into her 17th year with Waushara County EMS as a Critical Care Paramedic and mentor. Additionally, Shaunna works as a Paramedic at a local Level II Trauma hospital, which allows her to observe the post-transport care of patients. She finds the passion to help those in need whether it is a lift assist or providing comfort to families when their loved one is beyond care. Shaunna has found that being involved with EMS has sparked her passion for learning and mentoring the next generation of EMS. She feels that leading by example has shown a willingness to try new ideas and go for the hard tasks. Being the chairperson of the WEMSA Education Committee for the past two years has allowed her to see the ever-changing climate of EMS and that EMS is more than just “ambulance drivers.” Welcome back, Shaunna!


Becky Smudde re-elected to another board term!

Becky Smudde is a dog mom, caregiver, volunteer, and someone who enjoys outdoor adventures.  Becky has kept her roots in the Fox Valley area her entire life.  She started out as a volunteer Firefighter in 2000 and went on to add EMS to her career path in 2008.  Becky has been with Harrison Fire Rescue since beginning her volunteer positions and she also holds the Secretary position for their service.  Becky took part in the EMR – EMT Bridge class in 2018 and currently holds her license as an EMT in Calumet County.  Harrison Fire Rescue responds to an area that is roughly 35 square miles which includes Village of Harrison, Village of Sherwood, and Town of Woodville. She always looks for ways to better herself and the department, Becky has gone on to take more classes which includes State Certifications in Firefighter 1, Fire Inspector, and Driver Operator/ Pumper. Along with ongoing EMS trainings  and First Responder Suicide Prevention.  She has also held training for local EMS providers to learn how to help K9 Officers in emergency situations just to name a few.  Becky has been on the WEMSA Board of Directors since 2021 and has been chair of the Membership Committee for the past two years.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time fishing and boating at her family cabin on White Potato Lake and hanging out with her friends and family.  Becky lives by the motto that was instilled in her at a very young age “There is no I in Team.” Welcome back, Becky!

Chanse Kaczmarski re-elected to another board term!

Chanse is a husband, dog dad, hockey player, and snowboarder who has grown up and lived in South-Central Wisconsin his entire life. Chanse began his EMS career in high school, first being exposed to public safety occupations in the Explorer program and started as an EMS volunteer in 1995 serving as both a Basic and Advanced EMT. Chanse has been a career paramedic for a third service municipal EMS provider since 2002. He is also the Deputy Fire Chief for his community's fire department and is also a certified law enforcement officer in Wisconsin. Chanse has a bachelor's degree in Fire and Emergency Management along with broad experience in public safety. He seeks to see EMS recognized as an essential service in Wisconsin and achieve the same funding, standing, and recognition as police and fire. His interest and involvement in EMS dates back to high school in the early 1990s when he joined the local explorers post and has grown since that time. Having completed EMT basic at the age of 17; then a few years later taking what was then the EMT Intermediate course, now known as Advanced EMT and ultimately becoming a paramedic. Chanse has been a member of both volunteer EMS services and has worked as a career EMS provider for the past 22 years. He is also a member of his local volunteer fire department, currently serving as the Deputy Chief. Over his entire EMS career, Chanse has seen the community needs for EMS evolve and has enjoyed growing with those changing needs. Currently serving on the WEMSA Board, he has seen firsthand the amazing work WEMSA has and is doing to better EMS across the State of Wisconsin. He feels his broad experience across all levels of care and service types affords him the ability to view the issues EMS faces from multiple angles and understand how decisions made will impact services differently. His firsthand experience with WEMSA has inspired him to keep working with the Board of Directors to continue the positive impacts made on EMS across the state. Welcome back, Chanse!


The WEMSA Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

  • Tony Lash, EMT-P, Board President (2022 - 2024), Board Term (2022 - 2025)
  • Stacey Zellmer, EMT-A, Board Vice President, (2022 - 2024), Board Term (2022 - 2025)
  • Jay Young, EMT, Board Treasurer (2021 - 2023), Board Term (2023 - 2026)
  • Jody Stoker, Fire Chief, Board Term (2022 - 2025)
  • Evelynn Dax, EMT-P, Board Term (2023 - 2026)
  • Chanse Kaczmarski, EMT-P, Board Term (2024 - 2027)
  • Becky Smudde, EMT, Board Term (2024 - 2027)
  • Delaney Weiler, EMT-P, Board Term (2024 - 2027)
  • Ryan Huser, EMT-P, Board Term (2022 - 2025)
  • Shaunna Bryant, EMT-P, Board Term (2024 - 2027)
  • Adam Robarge, EMT-P, Board Term (2023 - 2026)
  • Wyatt Sachen, EMT-A, Board Term (2023 - 2026)

Two Executive Board Positions are voted on at the first meeting of the new fiscal year which will occur in July 2024.


The Wisconsin EMS Association is a nonprofit trade association that represents and supports the views and interests of its membership in Wisconsin communities by promoting education, sharing information, and facilitating legislative action.