EMS Week 2024 Proclamation

WEMSA Updates,

We want to take this moment to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all Wisconsin Emergency Medical Service professionals for keeping our communities safe, providing the highest quality of care, and demonstrating unwavering dedication by going above and beyond.

Established just months after WEMSA itself, the first national EMS Week is a tradition that EMS continues to proudly uphold to this day. Half a century ago, a presidential proclamation not only called the nation to support efforts to improve emergency medical care but also established the inaugural national EMS Week. 

EMS Week is about celebrating our past achievements while looking to the future, focusing on learning from past challenges and equipping the next generation with the tools for compassionate care.

To all EMS professionals across Wisconsin and beyond, thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and your dedication to the noble cause of saving lives. 

~ WEMSA Staff & Board of Directors