Workforce Development

WEMSA Workforce Development is our program to drive awareness and recruitment into EMS as an industry. Focused in the State of Wisconsin, WEMSA Workforce Development engages community partners, attends local events, and promotes enrollment in approved EMS programs.


Engage Community Partners

WEMSA Workforce Development engages with community organizations and state officials to promote EMS as an industry.

Attend Local

Our staff and committee attend local and regional events to build awareness of EMS careers.

Promote EMS

WEMSA Workforce Development promotes and markets EMS opportunities, career advancement, and enrollment of new EMS students.


Helping Students Pursue EMS

WEMSA is dedicated to working with schools, government agencies, and other organizations to help students pursue a career in EMS. It's important for our communities to have trained professionals on all levels in life-saving skills.

WEMSA attends the annual HOSA State Leadership Conference to represent EMS as a future career for students. In addition, we provide resources for current and future students on our Student Resource Page.


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Interested in helping?

Reach out to us if you are interested in helping or being a part of our WEMSA Workforce Development team. Our office can be reached at or 414-431-8193.