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Ask Congress to Sustain and Protect EMS During the Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump and Congress have developed several legislative packages to address the expanding impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on America’s public health system and the broader economy.

Phase 1—the supplemental appropriations bill—has already become law.

Phase 2—targeted relief for individuals, including paid family leave—has become law.

Phase 3—broader economic stimulus designed to deliver cash to individuals to help them weather the downturn, as well as industry-specific relief—is being crafted NOW.

EMS has a critical opportunity to sustain its services throughout the COVID-19 response and protect its personnel and patients. Please contact your members of Congress immediately to request inclusion of EMS into the Phase 3 Coronavirus Relief bill:

  • COVID-19 Response Reimbursement for all Emergency Medical Services      

  • Priority Access to PPE for All EMS Personnel

  • Priority testing for All EMS Personnel and Their Families

  • Tax Deduction for All EMS Personnel

  • Access and Priority to Vital Prehospital Medications for All Emergency Medical Services

  • Direct funding to All Emergency Medical Services for Ventilators and Other Required Medical Equipment for Prehospital Patient Care

  • Direct funding to Emergency Medical Services to Purchase Ambulances

  • Funding for Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to Pay the A0998 HCPCS Code

  • CMS Reimbursement for Community Paramedicine

  • Ensure All EMS Personnel are Covered in Applicable Provisions

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