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Serving all of Wisconsin

In 2008, the Wisconsin EMS Association built a 5,000 square foot office building to serve as the official headquarters of WEMSA. Today, this building still serves as the official office for the Wisconsin EMS Association but provides additional revenue through leasing of offices to external businesses.

Address: 26422 Oakridge Dr, Suite 100, Wind Lake, WI 53185

Alan DeYoung - Headshot (1).jpg
Alan DeYoung, M.S.
Executive Director

Alan joined WEMSA in 2018 as the Sales & Marketing Director, being promoted in 2020 to Executive Director. He holds a Masters in Marketing and Bachelors in Information Technology. His experience has been in medical supply sales, business operations, and non-profit management.

Alan is also certified in Association Creative Marketing, hosted webinars on marketing and social media, and continues pursuing education.

Anette Wisniewski.png
Anette Wisniewski
Membership Coordinator

Anette joined WEMSA in 2018 as the Membership Coordinator. She holds a Bachelors in Sociology. Her experience has been in human resources, recruitment, and database management.

Ryan DeYoung
IT & Finance Coordinator

Ryan officially joined the WEMSA team in 2020, but has been helping WEMSA since 2018. He holds a Bachelors in Information Technology. His experience has been in small business operations, hardware and software technology, and accounting principles.

Breana Rinker.JPG
Breana Rinker
Health Education Coordinator

Breana Rinker is a recent graduate from The University of Iowa College of Public Health with dual B.S. degrees in Public Health and Psychology. She also works as a research assistant for the Sterilization and Social Justice Lab which is dedicated to researching and advocating for reproductive, disability, and racial justice within the context of eugenic sterilization. Breana has worked with numerous advocacy organizations including the LGBTQ Advocates for Public Health Equity, the Rape Victim Advocacy Program, and the Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness group.  She is extremely excited to begin working for the EMS Association as a Community Health Advocate, as well as to learn the Wisconsin culture - which so far has meant eating a lot of cheese. 

Molly Adams.jpeg
Molly Adams
Community Health Advocate, AmeriCorps

Hi, I'm Molly, a Public Health student at UW-Milwaukee, currently working toward my Master's degree in Epidemiology. I am very excited to be a part of Americorps, Wisconsin-EMS, and gain community health experience.While I have never had the honor of serving the community in a role like this before, I am looking forward to gaining knowledge and experience from experts, so that I can become the most well-rounded and effective public health professional I can possibly be. I also work for Medical College of Wisconsin as a cancer research intern, and in my free time, I teach ballet to kids ages 2-13. 

Tony Lash.JPG
Tony Lash
Union Grove, WI
Stacey Zellmer.JPG
Stacey Zellmer
Vice President
Tomah, WI
Jay Young.JPG
Jay Young
Bloomer, WI
Adam Robarge Headshot.jpg
Adam Robarge
Tomah, WI
Ryan Huser
Ripon, WI
Jody Stoker.JPG
Jody Stoker
Black River Falls, WI
Bob Salov.PNG
Bob Salov
Cambridge, WI
Chanse Kaczmarski.jpg
Chanse Kaczmarski
Belleville, WI
Becky Smudde
Harrison, WI
head shoot .png
Shaunna Bryant
Waushara, WI
Evelynn Dax Headshot.jpeg
Evelynn Dax
Eau Claire, WI
WSachen Face (1).jpg
Wyatt Sachen
Black River Falls, WI
Forbe McIntosh.jpg
Forbes McIntosh
Legislative Lobbyist
Mark Schultz.jpg
Dr. Mark A. Schultz, MD
Medical Director
Joseph Abruzzo
Joseph Abruzzo
Attorney at Law
Kristen Anzelmo.jpeg
Kristen Anzelmo
EMS Billing Liaison
Business Development, EMS | MC
Jeffrey White.jpg
Jeffrey White
IT & Dev Liaison

The WEMSA team draws strength from its varied set of backgrounds and skills. But we hold one very important quality in common: Dedication.

Dedication in forging connections between EMS professionals, their communities, and experts from across the county.

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