Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is involved with all aspect of legislation in Wisconsin regarding EMS. They help to provide insight into how legislation will affect all different types of departments and services across the state and decide on suppo

Education Committee

The Education Committee is involved with all aspect of WEMSA's educational offerings, including webinars, events, conferences, podcasts, articles, and more. Their focus is the direction of education for EMS in Wisconsin.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee only includes specific board appointed members including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President. This committee is not open to non-Board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is made up of Board members, including the Treasurer to oversee the financial directions of the association. This committee is not open to non-Board members.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is involved in all aspects of membership recruitment, membership benefits, and membership involvement. This is a crucial committee to the association as WEMSA is a member-based association. This committee is open to Board members and non-Board members.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee helps to drive the public relations of the association through webinars, information, and outreach, including but not limited to the EMS Professionals® magazine, the WEMSA Connection eNewsletter, and other public relations efforts.


You must be an Active WEMSA Member to join any of WEMSA's Committees. Please reach out to our office at wemsa@wisconsinems.com and let us know you have an interest in a committee. Committees have a combination of active Board Members and non-Board members. Committee meetings are held virtually either monthly or quarterly, depending on the committee.


Committee Members are active in networking with other EMS professionals and can get access to first-to-know information in their related committees. In addition, members can build relationships and contacts in EMS and with other key stakeholders across the state. Committee Members get to be involved in decisions surrounding EMS and can help to provide insights and knowledge. Joining a committee is a great way to be more involved.