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  • Kitty_Rhoades

    Wisconsin HSS Secretary and EMS Advocate Kitty Rhoades Dies Suddenly

    Gov. Scott Walker released a statement Saturday that Department of Health Services (DHS) Secretary Kitty Rhoades, 65, died after becoming ill earlier this week. She died surrounded by her family, according to Walker.

    Rhoades was appointed by Walker as secretary of the DHS in February 2013 after she had been with the department since 2011 serving as the deputy secretary. Before joining DHS, Rhoades, of Hudson, served in the state Assembly from 1999 until 2011, representing the 30th District in northwestern Wisconsin. During her service, she co-chaired the Legislature’s budget committee, among other leadership positions.

    Rhoads was a huge advocate of Wisconsin EMS starting with her stanch support during the battle over Wisconsin’s flexible paramedic staffing rule change over 15 years ago. She was given the 2004 Presidents Award by the Wisconsin EMS Association as an acknowledgement of her hard work and dedication in the state legislature on behalf of Wisconsin EMS.

    Details on Rhoad’s illness and sudden passing have not yet been released. Funeral arrangements are pending. The Wisconsin EMS Association will provide additional information and coverage in the next edition of the Hot Sheets. 

  • Steve Berry Talks About Taking Care of Children Who Have a Family Member Die

    Popular conference speaker, author and cartoonist, Steve Berry, provides his thoughts and suggestions for dealing with children who have had a family member die in the latest Quick Look Video from the 2016 Working Together conference. We are all comfortable treating the patient, but what about taking care of young children who have just lost a brother, sister or parent? Steve provides his thoughts and suggestions for what to do, and what not to do, in this short video clip. It’s very well worth two minutes of your time to take a look!

    Check out this, along with several other, video clips from the 30th Working Together conference right now. Never been to a national-quality conference like Working Together? See what it’s like in these video clips.

    Get some great information for taking care of a child who has just lost a loved one from one of the most popular conference speakers Working Together has ever had, Steve Berry. See it now!

  • Overtime Pay and OSHA Reporting Rules Both About to Change

    New rules from the Federal Department of Labor may soon pose additional challenges for Wisconsin EMS providers. The new overtime rule, scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2016, is intended to “update and modernize” the regulations governing the exemption of executive, administrative and professional employees from the overtime pay protections of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Details on the new rule are included in the Wednesday, June 8, 2016 edition of the Hot Sheets – sent to all current members of the Wisconsin EMS Association.

    The bottom line is that EMS agencies with salaried employees who currently earn less than $47,476 per year are going to need to figure out what they will do to bring their agency into compliance with the new requirements by December 1, 2016. The Department of Labor estimates that these changes will effect more than four million currently-salaried workers and result in over one billion dollars a year in additional salary payments. Some Wisconsin EMS providers will be effected. Read More »