Wisconsin Honors EMT Matt Deicher

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff on Thursday, September 28th to honor Matthew Deicher, an EMT and Firefighter

who passed away on Monday. Matt was seriously injured in July of 2003 when the ambulance he was transporting a patient in rolled over on state Highway 39 in Marathon County. Matt, along with two other EMTs, were transporting a patient to the hospital at the time and were all injured in the crash. The patient was killed. Matt suffered the most serious injuries and became paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair as a result of it.

The Wisconsin EMS Association featured Matt’s story in the November-December 2004 edition of EMS Professionals magazine. Find out more about Matt and his family, learn of his struggles, and see how he rose to conquer new challenges following the crash in this archive magazine article. Matt was truly an inspiration to EMTs in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. EMS World magazine also shared his story nationally.

Matt gave to the many people he helped in his community as a volunteer EMT and firefighter. Our condolences go out to his family. In addition to the feature article, Matt’s obituary can also be viewed here.