Service Membership Benefits

Group Buying Program

Among the largest benefits of both Service & Corporate membership is the Wisconsin EMS Association Group Buying Program. No matter how large or small your annual budget may be, you are certain to save multiple times the cost of annual WEMSA membership with Group Buying. Get medical supplies at a fraction of typical prices. Purchase a qualifying new ambulance and receive a check for as much as thousands of dollars directly from WEMSA back to your organization. From defibrillators and AEDs to radios, pagers, ambulance billing, legal and employment products, you’ll save more than you could ever imagine just because you are a Wisconsin EMS Association Service or Corporate member.

Resource Kit

First offered in 1999, the Resource Kit (formerly called the CD Resource Kit) is available to all Service & Corporate members. It contains dozens upon dozens of policies, procedures, protocols, forms, contracts, job descriptions, check lists and much more. Now available on-line and constantly updated, these documents have all been approved by Wisconsin EMS Association attorneys and advisors. Simply select the forms that you need, customize them to your organization and you have a legally-approved form, that could have cost thousands of dollars to have an attorney draft for you from scratch, free of charge as part of your membership.

Real Representation

As an individual EMS organization, you can’t put a lobbyist in Madison to work and watch out for you every day, but we can. Throughout the years the Wisconsin EMS Association has saved EMS providers countless expense by successfully fighting proposed fees and fines for EMS, opposing needless and expensive equipment that could have been required on every ambulance, battling, stringent and often very costly legislation that could have significantly burdened EMS organizations. It was WEMSA who drove the legislation to create the Funding Assistance (FAP) Program, Length of Service Awards (LOSA) program, First Responder certification and license plates, paramedic staffing, absent from work while responding to an emergency protection, and many, many more legislative bills and rules over the years. Many times we mount these fights because our members asked us to. We often poll members to find out what they want us to do. With nearly 400 Service and Corporate members, we speak for the majority of Wisconsin EMS Providers – and legislators listen.

Added Programs and Benefits

As a Service or Corporate member you receive access to a variety of additional programs and benefits. These include programs like the Statewide Recruitment Drive that has helped to identify and create thousands of new EMTs and First Responders throughout Wisconsin and place them with EMS services of all types. WEMSA provides programs and resources for EMS leadership by creating specialized seminars and training, hosting important state-wide meetings, conference calls and webinars, and taking the lead on supporting EMS in Wisconsin. From television and radio interviews to magazines, newspapers, Internet articles, and even billboards, WEMSA helps to promote EMS and educate the general public on the importance of emergency medical services.

Access to the Hot Sheets
Formerly provided to Service and Corporate members at an additional cost of $75, the Hot Sheets newsletter is now provided as part of Service and Corporate member at no added cost. Both you and your organizations member and employees get the very latest, the hottest, EMS news and information – and they now get it as part of regular membership benefits!

Enroll Your Organization Now!
Corporate and Service memberships allow your entire organization of EMS provider professionals to join. Choose the membership type that best fits the needs and budget of your organization.

Service membership costs only $22 per member on your roster – providing an immediate savings over individual membership rates. All members of your organization must be listed under this type of membership in order for you to qualify. There is a minimum fee of $250 for services with 11 or fewer members.

Corporate membership is available for the flat fee of $425, allowing you to pick any 10 people on your roster to become a WEMSA member. Corporate membership is perfect for companies providing products and services to the industry as well as organizations who find it cost prohibitive to enroll every member of their organization.

Service and Corporate membership applications can be initiated on-line. Please allow two to four weeks for processing and for membership materials to arrive in the mail. Membership expires after one year at the end of the month enrolled. New members joining at the end of the month will have their membership expire after one year at the end of the next month. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Membership renewal is not automatic. Memberships not renewed within 60 days after expiration will become inactive. If your membership should lapse and you wish to rejoin more than 60 days after your expiration date, your anniversary date may be changed to reflect the date of payment.

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$22 per Person 
Service membership is the way to join the 375 other EMS organizations who receive Group Buying, consulting services, access to the Resource Kit and all of the other benefits reserved exclusively for Service and Corporate membership. Service Membership is priced at $22 per member on the service. There is a minimum fee of $250 for services with 11 or fewer members. All members of your organization must be included under this type of membership.

$425 per Year
If you chose not to enroll all of your employees, volunteers or members, Corporate membership is available for the flat fee of $425. With this membership category you choose any 10 people on your roster and include them as part of your Wisconsin EMS Association corporate membership. Additional associates may be added to a any Corporate membership for only $25 per person.


You may renew your membership anytime within 60 days prior to expiration. If you allow your membership to lapse more than 30 days after expiration you are no longer eligible for renewal and must start a new membership. This will result in your initial join date and any consecutive membership to be lost.

If you have received notification that your membership is due for renewal, you may renew on-line using any major credit card. Click below to complete the renewal process.

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Group Buying Program

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Nearly all Service and Corporate members who use the Group Buying Program continue to save thousands of dollars each year – multiple times the annual cost of their WEMSA membership. Smaller services can significantly benefit because they don’t have to buy hundreds or thousands of items in order to save. All Group Buying pricing is good on single quantities. It’s easy to see how the Group Buying Program is worth the price of annual membership by itself.

Each Service and Corporate member of the Wisconsin EMS Association is automatically eligible to purchase through both the Wisconsin EMS Association and SAVVIK group buying programs. To access the purchase and pricing information, the main contact/service director must log-in to their account for each program.