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WIND LAKE, WI – APRIL 15, 2021

The Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial has been officially renamed to the “Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial”.

The Wisconsin State Firefighter’s Memorial (WSFM) Board of Directors voted to rename the official state memorial to include EMS. This vote officially changes the naming of the memorial itself, the nonprofit that manages it, and provides positions for EMS on their Board of Directors.

Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA) Board President, Brian Donaldson, was voted in as a new member of the Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial Board of Directors

“I am honored to be chosen to be a part of this important service to the men and women of Fire and EMS. As an industry, having EMS line of duty deaths recognized alongside those experienced by the Fire Service is humbling and that recognition is appreciated.”, said WEMSA President, Brian Donaldson.

On April 16, 1996

Governor Tommy Thompson signed into law, legislation designating the State Firefighters Memorial, to be located in the City of Wisconsin Rapids, to honor all fire fighters of this state who have given their lives in the public service.

25 years later, Today, we honor the 350+ names on the Wall and over 800 names of individuals on Legacy Stones throughout the Park.

This is where I would like to Indicate that this year we will have added EMS to the Park. That we have added the names to the Wall and will be adding an EMS memorial to the Park. And we the Board are exited about this announcement.

“Thank you to all the Donors, Volunteers, Board Members, Funeral Guard Members and Supporters who continue to make this happen.” Said Jim Luty, Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial Board President.


The Wisconsin EMS Association is a nonprofit trade association that represents and supports the views and interests of its membership in Wisconsin communities by promoting education, sharing information, and facilitating legislative action.


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