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Wisconsin Public Policy Forum report on EMS consolidation in La Crosse

Click below to learn more about the report that explores options for fire and ES sharing services in the La Crosse County region. The report indicates that enhanced collaboration among providers could enhance operations at reduced cost.

The study, commissioned by La Crosse County and the La Crosse Area Planning Committee, explores emerging issues for providers of these critical services and offers options to enhance service sharing.

The analysis by the Wisconsin Policy Forum, shows that because fire and emergency medical services (EMS) departments in the La Crosse region facing a host of challenges, collaborative action could improve service levels at a lower cost than acting independently.

Included in the study are the La Crosse, La Crescent, Onalaska, Holmen Area, and Shelby fire departments; Brice Prairie EMS and Farmington Emergency Medical Team; and Tri-State Ambulance, a nonprofit paramedic service provider to the region.

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