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WEMSA is Here!

We had an opportunity to visit Jackson County EMS Departments this past week to discuss resources and what we are doing to continue helping departments in Wisconsin. This was a great moment to be face-to-face with departments, hear from them, and be there to answer questions. Five out of the eight departments located in Jackson County were able to make it, the other three departments WEMSA staff was able to stop by their stations.

WEMSA's Membership Coordinator, Anette, gave a presentation on some of WEMSA's accomplishments over the past few years and provided new resources that are available to departments to utilize.

Staff fielded questions about our new learning portal, future roadmap of new educational opportunities, how they can connect with the association and more. It's crucial for us to be face-to-face with our members to see them, hear from them, and support them.

We have plans to visit more counties in 2023 after our February 2023 Conference. We look forward to seeing you!

A special thanks for Black River Falls Fire Chief, Jody Stoker, for helping to coordinate this meeting at their station in Black River Falls, WI.

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