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As many of us continue into the 8th week of #saferathome, I encourage you to continue to feel well to heal well. It may also be helpful to remember that we have some control over managing our Robustness & Resilience. defines Robustness & Resilience as follows…

  • Robustness: Having strength or vigorous health; capable of performing without failure under a wide range of conditions.

  • Resilience: The ability to bounce back from life developments.

We can work at managing our ability to be our healthy selves (robustness) & our ability to bounce back (resilience) with many of the same coping tools. While experiencing stress or trauma symptoms, we may need to engage in our coping skills more often, for a longer period of time to be robust. In general, there are a couple of things to consider for robustness…

  1. How am I relaxing each day? Is it working? What else might work?

  2. How am I energizing myself each day? Is it working? What else might work?

You might also consider some of the COVID Quarantine Activities from the attachment.


I truly do hope this email finds you well. I know that your struggles are as real as mine. Please take time to consider strategies for self care, including robustness, resilience, relaxing, energizing & anything else that makes sense. Do the strategies & repeat as often as you need to. Those who feel well, heal well. :) Your robustness depends on your action; especially now. Do what you can to set an intention & evaluate (with grace) how you’ve done each day. The current state requires more coping, patience, and practice of approaches. Be kind to yourself along the way.

COVID Quarantine Activities
Download PDF • 121KB

Keep on Keeping On & Wash Your Hands. Be well, Melinda Marasch

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