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Support for Professionals & Participants

In the last couple of weeks I've shared information from a webinar by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk ( regarding the COVID preconditions for trauma, as well as information about Comparative Suffering. I hope this information has validated your experiences, & perhaps even provided some relief &/or some helpful strategies. I continue to follow a routine, including exercise most days; while I'm also connecting with those who fill me up, & making sure I have things to look forward to each day, week & weekend. All of this is helpful; but I'm tired. I am tired of...

  • Comparing my suffering to others

  • Struggling with anxiety about the future

  • Getting frustrated at my shortened attention span & consistent mistakes

  • Trying to decipher information about how serious COVID is, how Wisconsin will remain on #SaferAtHome until the end of May, how additional businesses will open soon...

  • Going through the groundhog day of my current existence

So when I get overwhelmed, I spend time feeling & validating my struggles; owning them in their own space. I often set a timer to do this; as it makes me feel some real strong kinds of ways & I could easily get stuck there. I then pause & remember that those who feel well, heal well. I list 10 benefits of feeling in the moment, I think of everyone & everything I am grateful for (without comparing my haves with others haven'ts), I think of what I'm looking forward to that day... I think & feel of anything that will bridge me from the big feelings back to the present. Then I get myself back on track. I ask myself, "What do I need right now so that I can...(check email, finish drafting this webinar, feed my kids...)?" And I allow myself space & time to do that thing (I often set a timer for this too). And I do get back on track. Back to being focused, responsible & pleasantly present. Then I repeat. Sometimes 5 or more times each day. It's exhausting & it's worth it.


I truly do hope this email finds you well. I know that your struggles are as real as mine. Please take time to consider strategies for self care, including how to feel, focus or regain focus, show up for others, etc. Do the strategies, rinse & repeat as often as you need to. Those who feel well, heal well. :) Your resilience depends on your action; especially now. Do what you can to set an intention & evaluate (with grace) how you’ve done each day. The current state requires more coping, patience, and practice of approaches. Be kind to yourself along the way. Keep on Keeping On & Wash Your Hands. Be well, Melinda Marasch

Aspire Training & Consulting Wisconsin: (920) 415-4430 Colorado: (303) 378-8140

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