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Piloting a New Student Welcome Program

WEMSA Staff launched a new pilot program to welcome EMS students into the world of EMS providing Student Welcome Boxes containing all sorts of educational resources, supplies, and of course some goodies.

WEMSA staff visited NWTC students in EMT/ AEMT classes in Green Bay, WI this Monday. This was an introduction to WEMSA, who we are, how we can help, and to provide new EMS students with a FREE 1-year Student Membership.

Students asked questions about WEMSA's history, what WEMSA does, and what resources are available to them. On the roadmap for 2023 is a more extensive EMS Student Resource Center that will aggregate scholarship opportunities, career opportunities, study resources, and a possible mentorship program.

  • EMS Professionals quarterly publication

  • Access to WEMSA Learning

  • Discounts to WEMSA Conferences

  • Access to WEMSA Webinars

  • Advocacy at the state level for EMS

  • Resources, toolkits, and more!

Thank you to our supporters to help with our first pilot boxes: Clutch Energy, Mayo Clinic, Andres Medical Billing, Bound Tree Medical, Implicit Technologies

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