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Invite your Legislator for a Ride-Along

There is no better way to get to know your legislators (representative and senator) than by inviting them to do a ride-along with your department. Not only do you get to know them, but they also get a chance to see what you do and hear about the challenges you and EMS face in Wisconsin. During the summer and fall before the election in November, is a prime time to bring them into the station and let them see your operation and understand how vital EMS is to your community.

They are also looking to win your vote and are focused on their district and how they can help you. Here is an example of Sen. Marklein doing a visit and ride-along with Reedsburg Service Director and former WEMSA Board President, Josh Kowalke. They had a chance to talk for a few hours about the needs of their service, EMS in Wisconsin, and what he as a legislator can do to make a difference for all of us.

Here is a Legislative Map of Wisconsin. Click on the link and type in your address to get the contact information for your Representative and Senator. During this time they are at home, in the district and looking to connect with a photo that you can use as well to share with your municipality leaders. Our legislators represent and work for us. Contact them now and set up a visit and ride-along.

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