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Your Best Source and Voice for Anything EMS
Whether you need information, quotes, statistics, facts, figures, or just a place to verify information, the Wisconsin EMS Association is your source for everything related to emergency medical services (EMS).

We have a staff of experts, from emergency medical physicians, to paramedics and EMTs, to EMS attorneys and administrators, to fire fighters and educators, who are ready to assist you with your story, article, or news piece.

We can put you in touch with local spokespeople, provide you with research, sound bites or quotes, and even verify information you may already have. Quite simply, if you are about to cover a story related to EMS, you should be contacting the Wisconsin EMS Association.Media_2

We represent over 6,000 emergency medical professionals in Wisconsin. We are not a provider of emergency services, nor do we profit from their delivery. What we are, is an unbiased source of State and National EMS information as well as an incredible resource for the media.

We hold the state’s largest EMS conference, publish information for EMS providers, collect EMS data, staff a toll-free hot line, work with legislators, maintain this Internet web site, and provide the latest information on EMS in Wisconsin. There is no charge for services provided to members of the media. In fact, even the telephone call is free!

So before you go to press, open the microphone, or turn on that camera, we urge you to get in contact with the Wisconsin EMS Association. You’ll be glad you did! Contact us to get connected to someone to help you. You may also call us at 1-800-793-6820.