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The Kenosha Fire Department is seeking an EMS Medical Director via RFP.

The Emergency Medical Services division of the Kenosha (WI) Fire Department has provided Paramedic-level emergency medical service to the citizens and visitors of the City of Kenosha since 1989.  The department is staffed by 148 cross trained medical providers, of which 74 are Paramedics and 74 are EMTs.  The service area of the city is 27.6 square miles serving a population of 99,489.  All calls for service are answered at the Paramedic response level.  The department has 5 primary Paramedic units staffed 24/7/365 by two Paramedics and one EMT.  In 2016 the department answered over 11,000 requests for emergency medical care.  Of these calls over 8,000 were transported to one of the three area hospitals serving the community with an estimated 27% receiving advanced (Paramedic) level care.

The Kenosha Fire Department Medical Director is a licensed Physician who has the overall medical responsibility for the planning, implementation, operation, and monitoring of the emergency medical services provided by the Kenosha Fire Department.  He/She has the medical and legal responsibility for all EMS system operations and for all medical services provided by the department as outlined in the department’s EMS operational plan.  He/She is responsible for the supervision, direction and management of pre-hospital medical care provided by the department.  He/She is also responsible for the EMS continuous quality improvement program and is actively engaged in the training and education of the department’s EMS providers.  It is estimated that the department Medical Director would perform services ten hours per week or forty hours per month.

This RFP will close on October 6th.

Contact the Division Chief of EMS if you have questions about the position or the RFP

James Poltrock
Division Chief of EMS
(262) 653-4097


Click below to view a copy of the RFP.

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://www.naemsp.org/Pages/Job-Postings.aspx →

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