Individual Membership Benefits

EMS Professionals Magazine

Many members find our magazine, EMS Professionals, worth more than the cost of the membership alone. Every issue is packed full of information about EMS in Wisconsin from local EMS news, to changes at the state level, patient care tips, no-holds-barred commentary and even a little bit of humor. More people find out what’s going on in Wisconsin EMS from our magazine than from any other source. You’ll find yourself anxiously waiting for your next issue to arrive.

Access to the Hot Sheets

Formerly provided as a separate product at an additional cost, the Hot Sheets newsletter is now provided as part of your membership at no added cost. You will get the very latest, the hottest, EMS news and information as part of regular membership benefits!

Discounts and Value for your Dollar

While many associations charge hundreds of dollars, the Wisconsin EMS Association gives you hundreds of dollars in products and services but only charges you $25. That’s right! Membership is only $25. And if your EMS service joins as a group, it’s even less! Do the math, you’ll find that all of the products and services we just told you about will cost you less than seven cents a day while providing over $60 in direct benefits and savings every year!

A Resource for Information

There’s so much to know. So much is changing. Sometimes you don’t know who to believe or where to turn for information or help. As a Wisconsin EMS Association member, you’ll know where to turn – to your association. Our toll free number is staffed by professionals who, if they can’t answer your question, will find somebody who can. You can also send an e-mail with your question or problem. Or, try our web site. It’s overflowing with the latest in EMS information, from a calendar of EMS events to a market place listing used EMS equipment.

EMS Education

The Wisconsin EMS Association produces one of the largest EMS Conferences in the United States. The Working Together Midwest Conference & Exposition is held every year in January – right here in Wisconsin. The finest EMS educators are flown in from across the country to present educational lectures and hands-on training on just about any topic imaginable. Get CEUs toward your license renewal. Best of all, WEMSA members get a $10 per day discount on conference tuition. That’s right, your $25/year membership returns up to $40 in conference discounts alone!

Stay Informed

Part of belonging to the Wisconsin EMS Association is knowing that you’ll be informed of the things that affect you. From proposals for new training requirements, possible fees for your license or the creation of new programs, the Wisconsin EMS Association is keeping constant watch over developments in EMS. We’ll keep you informed about changes before they happen — while you can still do something about it! We’ll watch your back and be there to help if you need us.

Representation and a Voice

The Wisconsin EMS Association represents its members every hour of every day. Whether its new legislation, or a change in rules that govern how you practice, Your Voice for EMS is the Wisconsin EMS Association. It’s our job to make sure your interests are protected. From our legal advisor, medical director, and legislative lobbyist, to the Board of Directors and professional staff, we work for you 365 days a year.

Premium Items

When you join, and every year you renew, we’ll send you several membership items, such as a pharmacology book, association pin, penlights, window decals, key chains and more. Each year the items change but they are always included with your membership.

Join Now!

Individual membership on-line is immediate. Please allow two to four weeks for membership materials to arrive in the mail. Membership expires after one year at the end of the month enrolled. New members joining at the end of the month will have their membership expire after one year at the end of the next month. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Membership renewal is not automatic. Memberships not renewed within 30 days after expiration will become inactive. If your membership should lapse and you wish to rejoin more than 30 days after your expiration date, your anniversary date may be changed to reflect the date of payment.

$25 per Year

Start getting all of the Benefits Wisconsin EMS Association membership has to offer by joining the Wisconsin EMS Association today. Your $25 membership can return over $60 in products and services. Plus you are part of the largest state organization helping and protecting EMS providers. Join using your credit card through our secure servers. We’ll collect all of your information in the next steps.

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