Group Buying Program

Service and Business members of the Wisconsin EMS Association are automatically eligible to purchase through our Group Buying Partners (listed below). To access the pricing information, please contact each of are partners at the provided contact information below.

Nearly all Service and Business members who use the Group Buying Program continue to save thousands of dollars each year – multiple times the annual cost of their WEMSA membership. WEMSA has leveraged our membership numbers as a whole to provide our Service and Business members with the best discounts. Smaller services can significantly benefit because they don’t have to buy hundreds or thousands of items in order to save. It’s easy to see how the Group Buying Program is worth the price of annual membership by itself.

Groups Buying Pricing is available only to the registered roster members under their respective Service or Business memberships. Pricing is handling directly with our partners through the contact provided. Please let me know that you are a WEMSA member to receive your discount.

If you have an urgent need to obtain additional Group Buying information, please contact our Sales Manager, Alan DeYoung at [email protected] or 414-431-8193

Please Note: Partner information is constantly being updated to reflect the most recent changes.


Medical Supplies

2018 January  Platinum Sponsor Partner


Contact: Colleen Reichling, Emergency Services Sales Representative

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: 608-482-1377

2018 January Gold Sponsor Partner


Partners (A to Z)



Contact: Abbey Myhre, Group Purchasing Specialist

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: (800) 523-2055 Ext 250

Description: DASH Medical Gloves offers a large selection of disposable gloves. We have over 30 glove styles to choose from that include Nitrile, Latex, Chloroprene, and Vinyl. DASH has served as a major supplier of high-quality disposable gloves for 30 years. As a family-owned business, we strive to provide exceptional service and products at affordable prices. To request a catalog, FREE Samples, or to place an order please contact our Group Purchasing Specialist Abbey Myhre at (800) 523-2055 Ext 250, or at [email protected].

Website: Savvik Buying Group


Ambulance Rebates


Defibrillators and AEDs


Ambulance Billing

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