Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to Member365?

How can I obtain my login and/or my password?

If you have forgotten your password, simply go to the login page and click forgot password. Your new credentials will be emailed to the address we have connected to your contact information.

Login error showing up

If you receive an error message upon logging in, it may be that either your email address is incorrect in our system or you have not yet been granted access to the membership portal. Please contact and we will issue you new credentials.

How do I change my password?

After logging in for the first time, you will be able to change your password to something personalized. Go to the "My Account" tab on your dashboard and select the "My Profile" menu item and select the Password tab. Fill in the appropriate boxes and then click on the "Update Password" button at the bottom left when you are done.

Do I need to update my information myself?

We ask that WEMSA members try to keep their information in the system as up to date as possible for ease of communication and collaboration. To update your profile:

  1. Login to the member portal
  2. Go to the My Account/My Profile menu item. Please add your job title on this screen.
  3. Under Contact Info/Business, please make sure we have your direct phone number
  4. Please also make sure that all spellings are correct
  5. Select the Update Profile button to save changes

For what purposes will I need a WEMSA Member 365 account?

A WEMSA membership account will allow you to see job postings, search for events, share and collaborate with state colleagues in secure workgroups, keep up to date on important information and deadlines, and more.

What will I have access to in Member 365?

  1. Dashboard — Home page, basic announcements, upcoming events, etc.
  2. Workspaces — Access to all of the committees/workgroups you have joined.
  3. Events — List of upcoming events or meetings
  4. Invoices — Registration and due invoices
  5. Directory — List of members that participate on each committee/workgroup
  6. File Library — Complete list of uploaded files you have permission to access
  7. My Account — Provides account, profile, and membership details


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