WEMSA Members get access to our 48-page full color EMS Professionals® magazine mailed to their door (and available digitally). This publication is comprised of articles from Top Contributors in EMS ranging in education, news, and updates.




Q4 2021 OCT/NOV/DEC - due September 10th, 2021



Q1 2022 JAN/FEB/MAR - due December 10th, 2021

Q2 2022 APR/MAY/JUN - due March 11th, 2022

Q3 2022 JUL/AUG/SEP - due June 10th, 2022

Q4 2022 OCT/NOV/DEC - due September 9th, 2022



Q1 2023 JAN/FEB/MAR - due December 9th, 2022

Q2 2023 APR/MAY/JUN - due March 10th, 2023

Q3 2023 JUL/AUG/SEP - due June 9th, 2023

Q4 2023 OCT/NOV/DEC - due September 8th, 2023


Q1 2024 JAN/FEB/MAR - due December 8th, 2023

Q2 2024 APR/MAY/JUN - due March 8th, 2024

Q3 2024 JUL/AUG/SEP - due June 7th, 2024

Q4 2024 OCT/NOV/DEC - due September 13th, 2024


Q1 2025 JAN/FEB/MAR - due December 13th, 2024

Q2 2025 APR/MAY/JUN - due March 7th, 2025

Q3 2025 JUL/AUG/SEP - due June 13th, 2025

Q4 2025 OCT/NOV/DEC - due September 12th, 2025


Only Active WEMSA Members have access to archived and past issues of our EMS Professionals® magazine. Active Members can check their Member Portal for archived and past issues of our magazine or they can reach out to our office at wemsa@wisconsinems.com.

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CE Article in WEMSA's EMS Professionals® Magazine

Due to some changes in state licensing and WEMSA's accreditation, we are no longer offering a continuing education (CE) article in our EMS Professionals® print and digital magazine. We are unable to award CE credit/ hours for past issues or articles. If you completed the assessment prior to this change, please contact WEMSA to see if a certificate was generated. You must maintain an Active WEMSA Membership to have access to prior certificates You can Join WEMSA for as little as $30.

If you are looking for CE Education, WEMSA is in the process of building a learning library of CAPCE accredited education, both on-demand and live that will be available to WEMSA members. Tentative launch date is July 1st, 2021.