Board of Directors

The Wisconsin EMS Association Board of Directors are elected for three year terms by the membership of the association. Elections are held every year to seat four board members for their three year term. Information on the current Board is provided below.

Board of Directors Organizational Chart

Executive Board Members

President                                                                 Vice-President
Joshua Kowalke                                                     Don Kimlicka                                  
Critical Care Paramedic                                         Critical Care Paramedic
Reedsburg, Wisconsin                                             Weston, Wisconsin
Term Expires June 2019                                          Term Expires June 2020 



Board Representative                                       Secretary/Treasurer  
Chris McHenry                                                   Tony Lash   
Critical Care-Paramedic                                    EMT-Paramedic  
Eau Claire, Wisconsin                                         Union Grove, Wisconsin
Term Expires June 2018                                     Expires June 2018




Board Members

       Kirk Gunderson

       Osseo, Wisconsin
       Term Expires June 2019


Roger Kiefer                                                            

Oak Creek, Wisconsin                                              
Term Expires June 2018                                           


Jennifer Smith                                                        Stacy Zellmer
Advanced EMT                                                        Emergency Medical Responder
Hudson, Wisconsin                                                   Tomah, Wisconsin
Term Expires June 2020                                           Term Expires June 2020