Wisconsin EMS Association
Board of Directors Candidates
The following candidates have applied for the Wisconsin EMS Association and have been reviewed by the Executive Committee, per the bylaws, and are approved for ballot for the 2022 Board Elections. Each year, one-third (four) of the Directors positions are due for re-election.
2022 Board Election Candidates
Tony Lash

I have been involved in EMS for approximately 20 years.  I started my EMS career later in life than most, starting at the age of 40.  I volunteered at Union Grove - Yorkville Fire Department and became a Basic EMT.  I am currently certified to the Paramedic level and have been almost 15 years.  I am certified as a firefighter II, and driver operator.

I have held leadership positions within the department over 15 years.  I currently serve as Rescue Captain. While in these positions, the department transitioned from the Intermediate to Paramedic Service level.  I assisted our leadership in the studies and documentation needed for this transition.  
After a job change and a period of work at a private ambulance service, my current full-time work is at Advocate Aurora Health - Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington where I am the EMS Coordinator.  I work with the Aurora Healthcare - South Market EMS program, and squads that use our hospital as primary medical control, I conduct Quality Assurance reviews, and teach continuing education classes.  I work with the Medical Control Doctor in developing protocols for our local departments.  I am an American Heart Association instructor, teaching Basic CPR and ACLS classes.  I am a graduate of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI with a BA in Speech and Mass Communications with a concentration in Business and Accounting. I currently serve as a member of the board of my local church.  I also currently serve as president of the committee that plans a Men's Retreat for our association of churches each year.  I am married to my college sweetheart for 38 years.  I have 5 adult daughters, three of which are married.  I have 9 grandchildren.

I was first elected to the Board of Directors of WEMSA in April 2015.  Other than a required time due to term limits, I have served since then.  I have served as Treasurer, Secretary and recently was elected to the position of President of the Board of Directors.

Serving on this Board has been a great opportunity.  In have become involved with EMS providers from all over the state learning about issues that influence all of us that provide EMS services.  I want to continue on the WEMSA Board of Directors to further the progress on the initiatives that we have been working on.

Stacey Zellmer

Growing up in rural Monroe County is where I believe I truly learned compassion and the value of taking care of others; whether it is people or animals.

As I found my nest empting of my 3 children, I realized I had time to focus on my own interests.  Even though I have a full time job as a real estate broker, I still felt something was missing. I started out as a part time member of the Oakdale Area First Responders in 2008 which turned into a full time Training Officer position, covering a 250 square miles area including 22 miles of interstate, and offering mutual aid to 2 adjoining townships; as well as anywhere else we were needed.

I was inspired to not only become a CPR Instructor but to volunteer time for the UW Organ and Tissue Donation Program.  I enjoyed going to area Drivers Ed classes and staffing fair booths to bring awareness to the Donate Life program, as well as sharing my Gift of Life story to various medical organizations.  I decided to go back to school and get my EMT license which then led to an advanced license in 2020.

Even though I stay fairly busy with my EMS commitments, I’ve found time to serve as a member of the WEMSA Board of Directors since April 2017 and stay active with a local dog rescue group.  I try daily to pass along my love for service and caring to my children, 16 grandchildren and others in my community.

Stacey Zellmer is an AEMT with Tomah Area Ambulance Service and lives in Tomah, WI 

Jody Stoker

I started my EMS career in 2000 and have been active in EMS since. . I have been in my current role as Fire Chief for about two years.  Before that, I was the EMS Division Chief for about seven years.  Public service is constantly evolving.  "Change is inevitable.  Progress is optional." I want to continue to be part of that progress.  I will continue to look for different ways to provide the best service possible to our customers and welcome the challenges that this brings.  I feel that my well-rounded skills and desire to learn would be an asset to the board.  My experience in EMS, my education, and my prior work experience in a large manufacturing setting give me many different perspectives on EMS as a business.  My background in the volunteer fire service also gives me a different angle from which to see things.  I was inspired to apply for a Board of Directors Position because we are the voice of EMS, and we all need to work together to make our voices heard.

Ryan Huser

Over the past six years, I have had the honor of being the Lead Paramedic Instructor and Program Director for Mid-State Technical College. In addition to my responsibilities in the Paramedic Program, I teach several modules in the Critical Care Program, as well as provide guidance to the EMT and AEMT classes. Over the past year, I have even developed an Instructor Fellowship Program to begin to provide extensive training in leading classes and simulations in EMS classes. When not teaching students, I have the privilege of being an Assistant Chief on Ripon Guardian Ambulance Service. Working for Ripon allows me to maintain my field skills as well as serve my community. Since 2017 I have been the Training Officer for the service. This position has allowed me to develop a training committee, implement an onboard process for new hires, and develop a QA/QI process for the service.


In the past few years, I have had the ability to work on a series of cool projects. In 2019, I had the privilege of working on the Wisconsin Technical College System Standards and Procedures Manual update. Upon the completion of that project, I was able to work on the EMT Out of Hospital Scenario testing project. This project updated the EMT testing process from six skills-based stations to three scenario-based stations. Finally, I was part of the team that is in the process of updating the curriculum for EMR, EMT, and AEMT. Every quarter, I also sit on the Data and Quality Management Subcommittee for DHS. The work I have performed for these various teams has earned me the American Ambulance Association 40-Under-40 Award in 2021.

David Gross

Growing up in rural Wisconsin on a small farm I learned at an early age that helping your neighbors was important. While in Jr. High School I took a farm safety course and during the CPR section, the instructor came up to me and said he thought that I was a natural and that I should consider a career in EMS. Several years later, I was approached again by some friends to join the local EMS. I talked to the owners of a small service in Fort Atkinson at that time and was hired and sent to EMS Basic class. In less than two years, they sent me to the EMT-I class (now AEMT).


While running full-time with a large multi-stationed service in Madison and a part-time position with my local EMS service in Jefferson, I went back to school full time to get my degree in accounting. A year later I took the EMT-P course and ran for a few more years with both services. While in recent years due to health, I was forced to make the decision to retire after 25 years in EMS. But the desire is still in me to serve. For the past couple of years, I have volunteered with WEMSA at our conventions. This has helped me to keep in touch with the many friends, and vendors in EMS.