Bill SB59 – Changing Our Language

This afternoon Governor Scott Walker is scheduled to sign SB59 regarding EMT language changes.

This bill changes and aligns the terminology for emergency medical technicians to the National Registry language. The changes will be as follows:

– First Responder becomes Emergency Medical Responder

– Emergency Medical Technician – Basic becomes Emergency Medical Technician

– Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate  does not change

– Advanced Emergency Medical Technician is added to reflect the level currently in the state at DHS known as Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate Technician

– Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic becomes Paramedic


Emergency medical technician currently refers to all levels of EMT’s : EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate, EMT Paramedic. That term changes to Emergency Medical Services Practitioner under the bill SB39 and includes EMT Advanced.

Marc Cohen, WEMSA Executive Director will be representing  the Wisconsin EMS Association at the invitation of the Governor at the bill signing ceremony this afternoon.

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