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  • Wisconsin EMTs and Service Directors Asked To Complete New Survey

    Earlier this year the Office of Rural Health and the State EMS Section asked Wisconsin EMS providers to complete a survey looking at the attributes of a successful ambulance service. Preliminary results from the survey have been released and are currently available on their website.

    Because they found the information that was collected to be very valuable, they are now hoping to find out more about time-critical diagnosis capabilities of ambulance services in Wisconsin.  To do this, they have developed a second assessment survey, this time focused on stroke, STEMI, trauma and cardiac arrest patient care policies and procedures. Like the previous survey, the patient care assessment will provide a snapshot of EMS capacity in Wisconsin and the results will help to guide statewide policy recommendations.  They are again asking Wisconsin EMS services to provide service-specific information, in order to target assistance and other resources where they are most needed.

    With the new survey, the office is asking every registered EMT affiliated with an ambulance service to participate – not just the service director.  The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.  As an incentive, they will randomly select three agencies to receive $100 towards the purchase of appropriate equipment, training, or conference registration.  To be eligible, at least one member of the agency must complete the assessment.

    EMTs of all levels, together with service directors, are strongly encouraged to complete this survey by responding to the email request recently sent to all providers. If you can’t locate the email or don’t believe you received one, the Office of Rural Health will be sending out reminders. You can complete the survey here. Watch for reports on the data in coming months. 

  • Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act Coming Up For Vote

    While the use and practice of standing orders for controlled substances has been prevalent throughout Wisconsin and the nation for many years, it has not been in compliance with federal DEA regulations. Federal legislation has been making it’s way through the political process in Washington in order to move current EMS practices into statute so that practitioners and their patients do not see any disruption in the administration of controlled substances.

    The legislation currently moving through the political process, HR4365, will amend the Controlled Substances Act (21 USC 821 et seq) to permit EMS agencies to directly register with the DEA (rather than through their medical director); allow a single registration for an EMS agency (rather than for each location); allow the medical director to use standing orders for EMS personnel for the delivery or administration of a controlled substance; and update receipt, movement and storage rules for EMS agency controlled substances.

    The House of Representatives may be voting on HR4365 on Monday, November 14. This means that Wisconsin representatives need to hear from you immediately! To find your US representative, simply enter your zip code here. Contact information for your representative will be displayed, including their email and telephone. It will only take a minute to email or call the office of your US representative and ask them to support HR4365 when it comes for a vote on Monday evening. Hearing from constituents can make a huge difference in the way legislators vote. They actually want to hear from you to make an informed decision! Please call or email your US representative now and ask them to vote yes on HR4365.

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    Working Together Conference Brochures and Details Arrive

    Brochures for the 2017 Working Together conference have started to arrive in mailboxes throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. The January 25-28, 2017 conference will mark Wisconsin’s 31st edition of one of the largest and most attended EMS events in the country – the Working Together Conference & Exposition.

    Included among the highlights for 2017 are many brand new classes along with several exciting new evening social events. The Human Cadaver Anatomy Lab will allow participants to perform a wide variety of EMS interventions on a human specimen on Wednesday, as well as in the hands-on track on Friday and Saturday. The Ultimate Overdose and Drug Addiction Summit is certain to leave participants not only amazed and informed, but forever changed as they delve deep into the world of drug addiction. Beyond RTF: Preparing for IEDs will take last year’s Rescue Task Force to a whole new level as participants experience the realities of an IED explosion. During the Center of Excellence Experience, participants will get an inside look into burn care as they hear from experts at the Columbia St. Mary’s Regional Burn Center. Read More »